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Double Blind Front Cover

Double Blind:The Icelandic Manuscript Murders

What is buried in the dark takes its time to haunt and torture —until it comes to the light. Death has come to kill, but first it wants to play.

Geneticist Brynja Pálsdóttir mines the country’s controversial DNA database to crack the country’s toughest cases, none so puzzling as the disappearance of her young brother two decades earlier. Still wracked with guilt for losing sight of him that day, Brynja is stunned when a poem arrives with riddles as to his whereabouts. Along with her fiancé Ari Ketilsson, the prime minister, and her quirky childhood friend Stína, she deciphers the clues while trying in vain to suppress the visual auras that threaten her career as a forensic scientist. Not to mention her relationship with Ari. 

Soon, her search is thwarted by a series of threats — warnings drawn from a medieval manuscript of Icelandic sagas — delivered to those in her inner circle. One by one, the recipients fall ill and die: the manuscript guard, the prime minister’s secretary, the local pastor. Each warning is a poem. And the last is meant for her. She alone must summon the strength to navigate the twisted labyrinth of the poet’s mind and confront the dark secret buried in her family’s past.

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